Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664): Looking unto Jesus


“Oh! How should all hearts be taken with this Christ? Christians! turn your eyes upon the Lord: ‘Look, and look again unto Jesus.’ Why stand ye gazing on the toys of this world, when such a Christ is offered to you in the gospel? Can the world die for you? Can the world reconcile you to the Father? Can the world advance you to the kingdom of  heaven? As Christ is all in all, so let him be the full and complete subject of our desire, and hope, and faith, and love, and joy; let him be in your thoughts the first in the morning, and the last at night. Shall I speak one word more to thee that believest? Oh! apply in particular all the transactions of Jesus Christ to thy very self; remember how he came out of his Father’s bosom for thee, bled for thee, poured out his life for thee, is now risen for thee, gone to heaven for thee, sits at God’s right hand, and rules all the world for thee: makes intercession for thee, and at the end of the world will come again for thee, and receive thee to himself, to live with him for ever and ever. Surely if thus thou believest and livest, thy life is comfortable, and death will be sweet. If there be any heaven upon earth, thou wilt find it in the practice and exercise of this gospel duty, in ‘Looking unto Jesus’.” 

– Isaac Ambrose (1604-1664), Looking Unto Jesus, 1.5