Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564) on God’s providence and care


Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564) was a Flemish Protestant theologian with both Reformed and Lutheran dispositions. Below he speaks about God’s providence and care:

“…comforts do not hereby only come to us, in that we are taught, that by the providence of God continual calamities are kept from us: but hereby also ought we to gather matter of consolation, that by the same are ministered unto us whatsoever good things are necessary to this life. For if God disposes all things, and with singular care favors, advances and defends us and our matters, as we have sufficiently at large and plainly before proved, when we taught that God’s providence was not only universal, but also special and peculiar: then doubtless are we to look for all good things from him also. Neither may we think, that any thing shall be wanting unto us, so long as we have him favorable that cares for us: and much less that we can procure unto ourselves, art, strength, unless he of his mercy ministers to us. For he alone is almighty, and endued with a notable philanthropy or love towards mankind: wherefore undoubtedly he both can and will give whatsoever seems good unto him, and our necessity requires.”

– Andreas Hyperius (1511-1564), A Speciall Treatise of Gods Providence