About Jake Griesel


I am a PhD candidate in historical theology at Peterhouse, University of Cambridge, where I am supervised by Rev. Dr. Stephen Hampton. My research at Cambridge focuses on John Edwards (1637-1716), a champion of Reformed orthodoxy within the Church of England during the later Stuart period, and considers his position within the Church of England of his time. My main thesis, stated simply, is that Edwards himself, and Reformed theology more broadly, held a much more central, mainstream position in the Church of England between the Glorious Revolution (1688-89) and the early Hanoverian period (c. 1720) than has hitherto been recognised in the scholarship. My academic interests are primarily in post-Reformation Reformed theology and history (c. 1560 – c. 1750), particularly, though not exclusively, in the English and Dutch contexts.

Prior to starting my PhD at Cambridge in October 2016, I studied theology as an undergraduate in my native South Africa, completing my B.Th (2013) at the University of the Free State. After that, I completed my M.Th in historical theology (2015) at the Jonathan Edwards Centre Africa at UFS, under the supervision of Prof. Adriaan C. Neele of the Jonathan Edwards Center at Yale University. My thesis focused on the African ex-slave, Leiden University graduate, and Dutch Reformed pastor and missionary, Jacobus Elisa Johannes Capitein (c. 1717-1747), analyzing his work Dissertatio Politico-Theologica de Servitute, Libertati Christianae Non Contraria (Leiden, 1742) in its historical-intellectual context. In 2016 I completed my B.A. Honours in Latin at UFS, as well as the Davenant Latin Institute’s Advanced Early Modern Theological Latin Course. For my Honours degree I did a research project on the Dutch Reformed theologian and longtime Leiden professor Johannes à Marck (1656-1731), which focused on his discussion of the definition and nature of theology.



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