Martin Bucer (1491-1551): How those are to be strengthened who have somewhat greater affection for the world than the Lord desires



“When there are those who value the world’s favour and disfavour too highly, so that they do not acknowledge and praise Christ our Lord and his word joyfully enough, they must always have it clearly impressed upon them that the Father has given Christ our Lord all power and jurisdiction in heaven and on earth, that he alone can and will bestow on us everything that is good and turn away all that is evil, and that the whole world is nothing and can do nothing of itself. And also that on that day he will acknowledge before his heavenly Father and his holy angels those who have acknowledged him here before this adulterous world, and will disown those who have disowned him before this world.”

– Martin Bucer (1491-1551), Concerning the True Care of Souls (Von der waren Seelsorge), p. 170

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