Kevin Vanhoozer: God has got his hands dirty


“The gospel is the good report that the eternal God has himself made a pilgrimage into history. The Father has sent his Son and his Spirit – what Irenaeus calls God’s ‘two hands’ – on missions into the far country. It is precisely because the eternal has entered into history – because God has got his hands dirty – that we do not have to rely on speculation to determine the way to truth and life. God has found a way to us; it suffices that we follow it back to him. It is precisely this realization that Christians are beneficiaries of the eschatological work of the triune God that enables them to walk the way of Jesus Christ with boldness and humility. Christian disciples are not the masters of meaning and truth but its humble servants. We have not devised the theodrama, but we have been accorded the dignity of playing a part in it.”

– Kevin Vanhoozer, Pilgrim’s Digress: Christian Thinking on and about the Post/Modern Way, In: Christianity and the Postmodern Turn, p. 98


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