Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590) on the Gospel


Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590) was an Italian Protestant Reformer. Below is his definition of the gospel:

“Concerning the gospell therefore, according to the signification received and used in the church, we beleeve that it is nothing else but the heavenly doctrine concerning Christ, preached by Christ himselfe and the apostles, and contained in the bookes of the Newe testament, bringing the best and most gladsome tidings to the world, namely, that mankinde is redeemed by the death of Iesus Christ, the onely, begotten Sonne of God. So that there is prepared for al men, if they repent and beleeve in Iesus Christ, a free remission of al their sinns, salvation, and eternall life. Wherefore it is fitlie called of the Apostle: ‘The gospel of our salvation’.”

– Girolamo Zanchi (1516-1590), De religione christiana Fides (Confession of the Christian Religion), 253


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