Johannes van der Kemp (1664-1718) on God’s common good-will to all his creatures


“Finally, we distinguish the providence of God is that by which he shows favour, from a common good-will to all his creatures; yea to the ungodly as well as to the godly: ‘God makes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the just and the unjust,’ Matt. 5:45. The special providence of God is that by which God, as a Father in Christ, from a special good-will, provides believers with all things: ‘God is the Saviour of all men, especially of those that believe,’ 1 Tim. 4:10. See Psalm 83. God gives in the least gift to himself, and his Son to believers, as his children and heirs: but he withholds himself from others, although he gives them also many gifts, as we give a beggar an alms from a common good inclination to him, but do not unity ourselves to him, do not take him into our home, or make him our heir object here, as though he were our child.”

– Johannes van der Kemp (1664-1718), The Christian, Entirely the Property of Christ, in the life and death, Exhibited in Fifty-three Sermons on the Heidelberg Catechism, 1:221


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