Francis Schaeffer (1912–1984): He is there, and He is not silent…


“Evangelicals often make a mistake today.  Without knowing it, they slip over into a weak position.  They often thank God in their prayers for the revelation we have of God in Christ.  This is good as far as it goes, and it is wonderful that we do have a factual revelation of God in Christ.  But I hear very little thanks from the lips of evangelicals today for the propositional revelation in verbalized form which we have in the Scriptures.  He must indeed not only be there, but he must have spoken.  And he must have spoken in a way which is more than simply a quarry for emotional, upper-story experiences.”

“We need propositional facts.  We need to know who he is, and what his character is, because his character is the law of the universe.  He has told us what his character is, and this becomes our moral law, our moral standard.  It is not arbitrary, for it is fixed in God himself, in what has always been.  It is the very opposite of what is relativistic.  It is either this or morals are not morals, but simply sociological averages or arbitrary standards imposed by society or the state.  It is one or the other.”

“It is important to remember that it is not improper for men to ask these questions concerning metaphysics and morals, and Christians should point out that there is no answer to these questions except that God is there and he is not silent.  Students and other young people should not be told to keep quiet when they ask these questions.  They are right to ask them, but we should make it plain to them that these are the only answers.  It is this or nothing.”

– Francis Schaeffer (1912–1984), He is There and He is not Silent, p. 33-34


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