Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) on the importance of private prayer


“There is no way that Christians in a private capacity can do so much to promote the work of God, and advance the kingdom of Christ, as by prayer. . . A poor man in his cottage may have a blessed influence all over the world…Though they may be private persons, their prayers are put up in the name of a Mediator who is a public person, being the Head of the whole church, and the Lord of the universe. If they have a great sense of the importance of eternal things, and a concern for the precious souls of men, they need not regret it that they are not preachers; they may go in their earnestness and agonies of soul, and pour out their souls before one who is able to do all things. Before him they may speak as freely as ministers; they have a great High Priest, through whom they may come boldly at all times, and may vent themselves before a prayer-hearing Father without restraint.”

– Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758), Works, Vol. I 


2 thoughts on “Jonathan Edwards (1703-1758) on the importance of private prayer

  1. oscar says:

    this is very intriguing. thanks for that. we need a lot more sites like this. i applaud you on your fantastic content and excellent topic selections.

  2. Cody says:

    At last… a Christ-centered theological site not obsessed with pyramids and serpent seeds…

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